BoydCreek2: October 2004

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Sport Star Hobnogen!

Mark it looks like she wants to be with the Royalty!

Friday, October 22, 2004


What so special about eagles?

I got this e-mail today!

I LOVE eagles and really enjoyed this ... hope that you do too ... Linda
Subject: FW: What is so special about Eagles

>What is so special about eagles?
>I asked my friend Mickey, who is a bush pilot in Alaska, "What's so special
>about how eagles fly?" Mickey's response was an invitation into his plane.
>He took me into the high mountains above Ketchikan, and way back beside a
>nameless lake, we found a pair of bald eagles playing on the high air
>currents. White heads, seven foot wing spans, orange beaks, glistening >feathers, two eagles coasting on the wind.
>"Watch," said Mickey. He took his tiny single-engine bush plane down as
>close to the tips of the trees as possible, slowed it down to where we were
>almost in a stall, and the eagles came right up to the tip of the right
>wing as if flying in formation with us.
>"Watch how they fly," said Mickey. And I watched. The eagles hung exactly on
>the tip of our wing, their feathers hardly moving, staying right beside us.
>It was like watching the Blue Angels flying at an air show! Every once in a
>while I could see a pinion move just slightly, or just the very tip of the
>wing would lift or would drop. But mostly, the eagle just glided along >beside us above the Alaskan wilderness. It was beyond belief, an
>awe-inspiring ten minutes. We finally pulled up and left the eagles to play >with the wind around their lake. Then Mickey said, "What you really need to >do is watch what happens when Mama kicks the eaglets out of the nest."
>High, high mountains. Big tall tree. Nest in top of tree. Giant nest of
>sticks. But, Mother has taken downy feathers and lined the nest, >transforming it into a soft, safe place to grow. Then, all of a sudden,
>Mama eagle comes home, comes down amidst her "ready-to-fly" eaglets and >begins tearing up the nest, ripping it to shreds, pulling itthis way and
>that way until there is nothing left except painful sticks and branches
>sticking straight up. All the baby eaglets are out on the edge of the nest
>screaming, "Mom! Mom! Why are you doing this? Are you OK? Mom?"
>It's an ugly sight.
>Then Mom chooses one of the eaglets that's clear out on the edge of the nest
>never wanting to get back into that sticker bed again. Mama eagle takes her
>giant wings and knocks baby eaglet right out of the nest. As he falls you can
>hear his scream, "Mommmm!?!?!"
>Throughout the fall he is flapping as hard as he can possibly flap his
>wings. Then Mama eagle dives down, swoops underneath and catches the baby
>eaglet on her back. You can almost hear the baby eaglet, "Mom! I thought I
>was going to die! What's going on?" Mama eagle quietly flies up until she's
> no more than a dot high in the sky. Then she turns upside down and knocks
>her baby off again. His screeches of "Mommmm!" echo throughout the canyons as
>he flaps uselessly.
>Sometimes it takes five or six different drops before baby eagles learn the
>Great Truth of eagle life. "You don't fly by flapping your wings. You fly by
>relaxing into the current. Just like Mama."
>Think about what that means for you. Your life does not depend on how fast
>you can flap---for your energetic actions are not the issues. Your trust is
>the issue.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


They will never know

Who is in charge at your house?

Friday, October 01, 2004



Hi guys and those gales who cane along to see what you are up to. When you live in a small collage town you might on any given day see just about any thing such as the picture I saved for you.

No wonder our graduates are having trouble reading! They don't make Liberace like they use to!

Have a great weekend!

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