Monday, July 09, 2012

I had forgotten all about blogger and ran across it today! I just doped out of sight, relay don't no why. No one to talk to I suppose. Just lost interest. I found face book and spend most of my time there. Have made a few friends but it's all small talk about day to day! So much time has passed now have 9 great-grand- children 8 boys and one girl! Still have my dogs, Sugar, Ginger. Lucky and Lilly. Still dog sitting my son and daughters dogs Buddy and Tricky. We have a dog ZOO, LOL!

My wife is still working but will retire in the next year or two. I still play golf every week, weather permitting. Have not improved still just and old hacker shooting in the 90's most of the time and the 100's to often! Got a new set of clubs Titlist, didn't help my game at all. I get depressed  but love the game to much to quit.

Not much else to talk about same old 6's and 7's, weather has been hot, hot. But the rain is starting to come in and expect the heat to subside some what.

I will try to get back to Blogging more often if any one is still out there???

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